Listen to the audio clip recorded on a live radio call in show from February 28, 2018.

Some of you may have caught my recent live radio interview on SiriusXM’s “Doctor Radio” channel with Dr Marina Kurian. During the show, I took questions from callers who had questions or comments about severe headaches that they or a loved one struggle with. There were a variety of concerns that were showcased on the program and the producer commented that the phone phone lines really lit up during the program. The stories we heard from patients were deeply personal, including some with sad commentaries of lost family and work time. Others were tales of victory over disabling headache that were quite encouraging and instructional. Through it all, I was reminded of what drew me to a medical career in headache management. The suffering can be tremendous, but when relief is found, nothing is more gratifying. Hopefully listeners with migraine and other disabling headache conditions received good insights and advice on how to live more comfortable, complete lives from the call-in session. Those of you who missed the program can click on the link below which will take you to the one- hour audio.

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Doctor Radio: 

  •            •   2:04 – Dr. Smith begins
  •            •   10:50 – Migraine tips
  •            •   18:75 – StudyMetrix Research history

For additional information and to learn about opportunities to advocate for better headache research and clinical care, you can also go to the National Headache Foundation’s website,, or StudyMetrix Research’s website, Or you can follow either organization on Facebook and on twitter, @NHF and @StudyMetrixLLC.

For folks in the greater St Louis area, if you would like to know more about research volunteer opportunities at StudyMetrix, call the office at 636.387.5100, go to our website mentioned above, or email us at

Remember, without study volunteers, we wouldn’t have any medications at all. So, get involved! Volunteer!

All the best!

Timothy R Smith, MD, RPh




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