For my first blog, I would like to start by wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! I have much to be thankful for: good health, a loving and supportive family, the great fortune to live in a free country with virtually limitless opportunity, and the wonderful blessing of gratifying work that potentially helps people live better lives. These are exciting times in research, especially in the field of headache management. New interventions are in the pipeline that I truly believe will be life-changing for thousands of people affected by migraine and other disabling headache disorders. Starting as soon as 2018, we could see new products become available for migraine prevention and acute management, that will be well-tolerated and highly effective, like nothing we have seen before. For this, we at StudyMetrix Research are very hopeful and indeed thankful. And we know many of you are very excited and interested in the possibilities that are just around the corner.

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My research team and I have been intimately involved in headache research for over twenty years. And essentially for all of this time we have enjoyed the good fortune of working together. My team members Sheri, Elizabeth, Mitzi, Jill, and Donna, are not only expert professionals in clinical research, they have become my dear friends over the last two decades plus. And this Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks for them. I am so happy to have them as colleagues and friends. And I consider myself so very fortunate to come to work everyday excited about the potential that the day holds and to get to work with the best research team in the world!


Many thanks to my “A-Team” and to all of you, with fond wishes for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Timothy R Smith, MD


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