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Expert Research Solutions

Patient First, Bright Ideas, Save Time

Study team has worked with Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems Inform, iMedidata, Oracle, and others. Our team has also used e-Diary platforms for PHT, ERT, CRF Health, EPX and others. We are also experienced in migraine, diabetes, weight loss, cardiovascular outcomes, osteoarthritis, pain, fibromyalgia, hypertension, high cholesterol, vaccines, gastrointestinal disorders, mental health, and other internal medicine trials.


Our services enable you to focus on patient care, getting you out from behind a computer and in front of your patients.


For making your research projects more profitable by improving efficiency and increasing throughput. We do this by taking regulatory, administrative, and business hassles off of your hands.


Your time is valuable. Let us show you how a different approach can increase revenue and better utilize clinical staff.

What is Expert Research Solutions?

StudyMetrix Research®, LLC. is now offering consultation services through Expert Research Solutions (ERS). ERS provides turn-key outsourcing options for research administration, designed and developed specifically for Physician Investigators and their research staff members.

Dr. Timothy R. Smith and Mitzi Sutton have spent a combined 38 years performing sponsored clinical trials for over 100 pharmaceutical companies as members of one of the largest health systems in the United States. They have now made their experience and expertise available to your investigative sites and are ready to go to work for you. Their specialty is in providing expert business and regulatory support programming as an external resource to relieve research administrative burdens.


The StudyMetrix team can help you:

  • Improve efficiency of your research operations

  • Increase throughput for your research programs

  • Reduce regulatory risk by improving compliance and audit readiness

  • Expand your research volume and grow new business

  • Improve your research bottom line

Their business model is flexible; allowing each investigative site to contract only for the services they need. Our pricing strategies are very reasonable, making it much more cost-effective to outsource your business office support than to hire, train, and maintain your own full-time staff.


Donna Straatmann, RN, BSN, CCRA, Sheri Rocco, LPN, CRC, Elizabeth Maryas, BA, CCRC and Johanna Gravier, LPN, CCRC are Certified Clinical Research Coordinators (CCRC) and Dr. Timothy Smith is a Certified Principal Investigator (CPI).

Business Consulting
  • Budget negotiations

  • Contract negotiation and legal review

  • Invoicing

  • Revenue cycle management

  • Coverage analysis

  • SOC billing support

  • Standard operating procedure development, training, and deployment

  • IRB submission training

  • New clinical trial business development support

  • Marketing/branding/networking opportunities

Regulatory Compliance
  • Investigator and research- related personnel training in 21 CFR part 11, COFI, GCP/ICH guidelines, and HIPAA

  • Research misconduct mitigation

  • Audit readiness support

  • Compliance metrics improvement

Operations Consulting
  • Research methods

  • Investigator-initiated protocol development support

  • Observational study support

  • Consortia participation

  • Research publication development support

  • Statistical/technical/data consultations

Clinic Capabilities
  • Ability to perform blinded and unblinded studies

  • Ablility to perform injection and IV infusion studies

  • Dedicated drug storage with refrigeration, freezer and backup generator

  • Dedicated monitor area

  • Secure storage for case report forms

  • Electronic storage (diaries)

  • Phase I/II – IV

  • Extended stays up to 6 or 8 hours

  • Laboratory capabilities including PKs

  • Dietary consultations

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