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Participate In A Study

Qualified participants will receive investigational medication and

study-related medical care at no cost.

Participants may also receive compensation for time and travel.

Step 1 – Contact Us

If you are interested in a study, let us know by calling our office at

636.387.5100 or by emailing us at

You can also fill out the quick online form on our website and we’ll give you a call. We post new studies often, so visit our website frequently, like us on Facebook to see recruiting studies.

Step 2 – Schedule

Our study coordinators will ask a series of qualifying questions over the phone to determine if you qualify for a current study. The coordinators will be able to answer questions you may have regarding the study or participation. If you qualify, you will be scheduled to see our physician or nurse practitioner.

Step 3 – Study Visit

Study visits are very similar to a regular appointment with your doctor. The clinical staff will help you understand the details of the study and answer any questions to help you make an informed decision about participation. Once you qualify and provide consent, medical testing may be performed as outlined by the study. All studies are different, but some require a physical exam, blood work, electrocardiogram (ECG) or completion of questionnaires. The number of visits is unique to each study.


StudyMetrix Research conducts clinical studies to treat, prevent and manage medical conditions.


Being a study volunteer helps bring new medications and medical devices to the market and helps us further understand diseases.

There is no cost to you for study-related procedures. Insurance is not required and we do not file a claim to your insurance carrier. You may also be compensated for your time and travel in the form of a check at the end of each visit.

Migraine Studies 



Weight Loss Study

Weight Loss with
Cardiovascular Disease Study


Type 2 Diabetes Study

Type 2 Diabetes and Overweight Study

Diabetic Peripheral
Neuropathy Study


Heart Disease
with and without 




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